About Harmony Fest

Harmony Fest was started by Sue Herne & Helen Martin in 2015.  We wanted to create our own small family friendly Festival here in the heart of Suffolk.

We would like the festival to grow but we would not want it to get bigger than 1,000 people as we would like to keep a friendly atmosphere where everyone that attends feels that they are part of our community for the weekend.  Even dogs are welcome on site as long as they are on a lead or tethered & owners clear up after them.

Most of the Traders that attend know each other well as we trade at different festivals, Mind Body Spirit Events & Native American Pow Wow’s throughout the year & we all love being out on the road. There’s no competition between us, we all want do well, but we all support each other & that’s the Ethos of Harmony Fest.

Quality Trade Stands, Music, Workshops a safe environment for everyone to chill out & enjoy themselves.  So come along, give us a look whether it’s for a day or for the weekend.  There are flush loos on site as well as a bar and if the weather is not as favourable as it might be there’ll be a marquee – but then we are in Sunny Suffolk!


2 thoughts on “About Harmony Fest

  1. Sounds lovely – but unless I’m being exceptionally dim (a regular occurrence!) I can’t find details anywhere on the site for where the event is actually being held and how to get there? Might be a good idea to include it! 🙂


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