The Charities we Support

So you want to know a little bit about the fund we’re supporting in 2017? This year sees us supporting the St John’s Hospice.  You can find out more about them on their website.

Last year I spent 6 days trekking sections of the Great Wall of China for this amazing charity & met some amazing people who have remained in contact since. Next year in 2018, many of us from the last trek are fundraising for them again by trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Why did I get involved in the hospice trek? It started off as a casual conversation over a meal with a friend saying why not come along & the mouth engaged before the brain & I accepted the gauntlet that had been thrown down. However I later learnt that a very close family friend who I had known since I was 5 ended his days in the Hospice. Bill was always there at school concerts events, sunday school events, he was responsible for my first new years eve out and many other milestones in my life. I last saw Bill just after he had been diagnosed with cancer & although I made it up for his funeral, I never said goodbye. Once I’d found this link with the hospice, the journey & fundraising challenge had a meaning for me & it enabled me to say goodbye & to help others with their end of life care. Currently there is an ex minister from the church I grew up in, in the Hospice. So whilst it may seem that I’m a million miles away, the hospice is there supporting people & families that are or have been close to me in the past. As a bonus, if I hadn’t done the trek, I wouldn’t have faced my own personal challenges that have arisen since getting involved.

Harmony Fest 2016 was fundraising for The Rosa Simon Music Fund £132 was raised from the raffle towards the fund.

Harmony Fest 2015 was fundraising for the Little Princess Trust.  Raffle prizes were donated by stall holders, Aspall’s, Greene King Brewery & Barret & Coe photographers. The Raffle, Western Auction & donations from healing raised £146.01 for this worthy cause.